Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got my butt kicked by a Senior Citizen!

What? Yes I did. I have been going to a Yoga Class at the Walnut Senior Citizen Center OMG - it is great! My teacher's name is Maya and she is in her mid 70's. She is as flexible as a rubber band and as strong as an Ox. Maya has been teaching for a very, very long time and it shows. The class is made up of mostly Seniors and I must tell you that at times I stand out like a sore thumb with my crooked poses. The class is 2 hours long - yes....2 hours!!! I have been taking the class for five weeks now and am starting to feel my muscles getting stronger. I got a little too confident after the first couple of weeks because I was not very sore, but then came week four and week five - OUCH! I get very inspired by all the people around me. Anytime I feel that I can't do something all I have to do is look behind me and there is my mom striking a pose. She works very hard and is so amazing. Most of the time we look at Seniors and feel for them. They are getting old and seem so fragile, but not in this class - they are strong, flexible, invigorating and full of life. So kudos to all my classmates! I look forward to my next butt kicking.

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