Tuesday, January 18, 2011

could this be true....

is this really the Joy Of Cooking circa 1953? i found a copy and it is worn and beautiful. this is one of the must have cook books that i did not have and there it was on a little bookshelf in a little antique store in my own little town. it makes me wonder who owned it? what did they make? what was their favorite receipe? what occasions did they use it for? so many questions and so many great recepies. i will tackle it with love and care - and who knows, i might just try the "squirrel"..heee...heeee - calm down i'm just kidding .

Sunday, January 2, 2011


okay....here we go again....... will write birthday cards and letters - not email or ecards but real ink on paper, visit with family and friends, read....read....and read...., organize my house, be punctual, walk my dogs every morning, take vitamins, go to church every Sunday, write on my calendar, plant my vegetable garden and finish my landscaping and of course - cook!