Tuesday, November 2, 2010

its a celebration

today is el dia de los muertos or the day of the dead and contrary to what most people believe, it is a day of celebration. it is a day to remember our loved ones and to share their story. it is a day to cry, laugh and love. and what a great weekend it was. it started on saturday in pomona. the amoca museum www.ceramicmuseum.org/about-amoca.htm hosted a dia de los muertos festival full of art, food, music and crafts and boy did they deliver. fun was had by all!

catrina, frida and mom - catrina and frida - cute devil, frida and cute spaniard
catrina and priest, caballero and frida, mariachi.

cute young hip crowd, cute skela-girl and my lucas.

*sunday was halloween and it was great. lucas was a ninja and he went trick-or-treating with his buddies.

lucas the ninja -tom brady, frankie, alice and ninja - ninja with candy!
the loot - the organized loot.

*tonight we attended a mass at forest lawn to honor el dia de los muertos. it was a very emotional, but joyful service. ofelia esparza is a wonderful artist who has an exibit of her work and also made a couple of amazing ofrendas. she said something that i found very profound. she said that her mother told her that we suffer three deaths. the first is when we take our last breath, the second is at our burial and the third and worst of all is when we are forgotten. this is why it is so important to continue to celebrate our loved ones and by telling their story they will never be forgotten.

mom and ofelia - very cool masked lady - ofrenda



ofelia's art