Saturday, October 23, 2010

to ipad or not to ipad

my neighbor Brian came over today to hang out for a bit and he brought a friend. ipad. i have not had a chance to play with the ipad much since it is always crowded at the apple store and everyone seems to be always playing with it. i have been debating on replacing my lap top with either an ibook or and ipad and after my encounter with it tonight, i am now even more confused. it is a very slick, sexy piece of technology-now i know first hand why people have gone nuts over them. it was very easy to move around from one site to another, the e-reader is very cool, the video stream is crystal clear and all those apps are sooooo addicting. anyway, a fun time was had and as always it had to end. Brian had to go home and take his daughter to a baby sitting gig and of course he took my new friend. oh well i will have to be patient until my next encounter..... oh wait - robert just told me that there is a new friend in town....airbook.

Friday, October 22, 2010

fun friday

yes its fun friday and i am updating my blog. i browsed and browsed for a new designs and this is what i came up with. it is not difficult for me to look in the fridge and come up with something pretty good, but designing a blog....omg - nearly impossible so please be kind and let me know what you think. is the font big enough, is the color calming, is it pretty much overall eye friendly - you know all the asthetic stuff. as for the subject matter, that is remaining the same its gonna be pretty much about ME!...kidding well about my day, my family, my friends and of course my food. so here i go again!